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Elixir of Life “Olive Oil”

It has been proven by various experiments and scientific articles that olive oil has been an elixir of life for humankind since time out of mind.
Olive oil becomes an elixir of life after this miraculous fruit given by nature is delicately processed and the right production principles are applied at the right time.
Primarily, boutique olive oil production is wisdom, it offers its service to health, provides added value, is one of the important values of gastronomy and affects human emotions positively on the way of becoming a brand.
The responsibilities, aims and ideals of being in this sector are high-level.  The perfection of each production stage is the perfect beginning of the next stage.
This cycle is as follows, respectively; well-kept tree, suitable harvest time, fast logistics, use of suitable machine and equipment, suitable packaging, suitable storing and as a result, health, welfare and happiness.
With this understanding, we, as KOCAMAZ, are glad to be a part of archaic olive oil culture by contributing to boutique olive oil production with our machines and equipment.